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What is endometriosis?
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There are so many books written on the subject, it can be hard to know where to start. These are some of the titles I have found helpful.

The Endometriosis Sourcebook - Mary Lou Ballweg
Explaining Endometriosis - Henderson and Wood
Endometriosis and Fibroids - Dr Sarah Brewer
Coping with Endometriosis - Jo Mears
Endometriosis - A Natural Approach - Jo Mears
Endometriosis - A Key to Healing Through Nutrition - Dian Mills
Coping with Endometriosis - Glenda Motta & Robert Phillips


Sometimes, although books are wonderful, a different media is needed. To help my husband and others understand how I feel, I needed something different... and found it here - I highly recommend this video! "The Inside Story" by Belle Browne and Monica Flores

Most of these books are readily available through bookstores or libraries. NE.Endo members may freely borrow them from the group.