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Questions to ask your doctor


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Obviously, with such different circumstances surrounding every individual case of endometriosis, attempting a fully comprehensive list of questions is sheer folly. However, I hope these can help start your list. One major tip is to *write down your questions*. It is so easy to become flustered or forgetful in a consult!

Choosing a Doctor

* How many women have you treated for endo? How many are you currently treating?
* What treatments do you prefer?
* What would you class as a succesful outcome?
* What is your second choice of treatment?

Surgical reputation and Technique

* How many procedures have you carried out?
* What complications have you experienced?
* Under what circumstances must you perform a laparotomy?
* Who assists you?
* Which surgical technique do you prefer and why?
* What if lesions are on the bowel, bladder or otherwise difficult to remove?
* What measures do you take to minimise adhesions?

On Initial Diagnosis/Treatment Consult

* How can I help to control my symptoms?
* Will pain medication help?
* How will endo affect me, my sex life, my fertility?
* What are the long term effects of endo?
* Is this treatment necessary? What would happen if we didn't do it?
* Are the risks/side-effects worth the likely outcome?
* What other options are there?
* What happens after treatment?
* What if this treatment fails?

Surgery Pre-Op

* What do you expect to find?
* What will you do if and when you find endo?
* What complications may occur?
* How long will I need off work?
* How should I expect to feel after surgery?
* If this is a teaching hospital, who will perform my surgery?
* Under what circumstances would you perform a laparotomy or organ removal?
* Can you remove the gas after the op?

Surgery Post-Op

* Where is the endo?
* What stage is the endo?
* Have you performed biopsies?
* Have you sent samples to pathology?
* What next? Are more tests, surgery or medicines necessary?