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Welcome to NE.Endo, the support group for women in the North East of England, and throughout the globe. Everyone is welcome here, from those who think they have endo, those who know they do, their friends, family or just the curious. NE.Endo was founded by Donna and Liz to provide support, information and awareness - and entertainment for endo sufferers!

Don't forget the next meeting of NE.Endo!
Email us for times and places.
You don't have to attend the meetings to be a member - we can help anytime!

Recent Events
Liz recently attended the Unison Women's Conference, where one of the motions tabled was to raise endo awareness. Liz spoke very well in favour of the item, with the end result being a successful move to enclose an endo leaflet in the Health Pack! Well done, Liz!

Future Events
We are hoping that as part of the support meetings we will have guest speakers, ranging from the world of alternative therapy to quiz masters. We are also planning fundraisers, such as tombolas or wine evenings. We also have social evenings such as Christmas Dinners, or summer barbeques. Let us know what would interest you, and we can incorporate it!

Local Awareness
There have been various awareness campaigns made by NE Endo. The Evening Gazette has kindly written two editorials to promote our group and awareness. This led to a researcher from BBC Radio Cleveland contacting us for more information. Liz held a telephone interview with them on Thursday, 5th July, if you want to hear what was said, we have a recording of it.