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Recent happenings in the endo world include:

World Endometriosis CongressSome of the most encouraging news ever was discussed at this years congress. Highlights include genetic research, which points to two diseases rather than one and the disease coming from both parents' sides. In addition, Professor Tsutsumi from Tokyo University is in charge of a  $7 million research project investigating the effects of dioxins, PCBs and other pollutants on the immune sysytem and the development of endo.
Metrio Testing is one of the most exciting developments. Developed by Procrea Biosciences inc and launched in Montreal, Canada, this is a minimally invasive disgnostic procedure. It involves a biopsy of the endometrium, which can be done in an quick visit to the doctor's office, to detect various immunological markers for analysis as well as a blood sample to detect a biochemical marker. The positive predictive value of the test is 91% and the negative predictive value is 75% - this does mean that one in four women will still be given a false negative, but this is still a huge improvement on current testing and is a huge step forward in endo research.
Metrio testing will be licensed in the USA in the next few months and other countries shortly thereafter. Let's hope that the NHS picks it up, too!

NES Regional Meeting The first regional NES meeting was held in Sheffield on 2nd November, at Jessops Wing, Hallamshire Hospital. Organised by Sue, the event was well worth attending! Speakers included Angela Barnard of the NES and Prof W. Ledger, and discussions centred around what treatment is like and how to improve things. Lots of spirited discussions!! I recommend you to visit if a meeting is organised in your area!

Endo Christmas Party
An Endo Christmas Party was held, on 24th November, at the Butterfly Hotel, in Peterborough. There was a raffle, with proceeds to the NES. It was a huge success, and more events are planned for the future.

New Endo Awareness Posters New Awareness Posters have been designed and are ready for downloading!! They are shocking, but very descriptive. Why not print one and ask your GP's clinic to display it? Many thanks to Gina for her hard work!

Coming Soon - New Endo Fundraiser
Although not yet available in the UK, a fantastic fundraising endeavor has been set up by a wonderful woman in the USA, Laurie. It involves changing your telephone service provider, who will donate a proportion of profits to be divided equally between the Endometriosis Association and the Endometriosis research Centre. It is a fantastic opportunity to donate without it actually costing anything! Laurie is hoping to bring the fundraiser to the UK next year. Watch this space!

New Support Magazine A new venture has been recently launched. Carol plans on writing 3 newsletters a year, with added benefits of member outings, birthday and get well cards, tips and support. It will be light hearted, and at minimal cost. Contact Carol for more info!

Let us know of any events happening in your area!