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Alternative therapies


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Alternative therapies
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Alternative therapy is a vast topic, and such a personal choice. There is a huge difference between swallowing a few homeopathic pills (as prescribed by a practitioner) or having acupuncture needles placed in your wrists..... Still, I hope these few links are useful.
Natural Progesterone Cream

This is a subject that can become quite heated; some people swear by this cream, while others call "quack". It is almost impossible to find unbiased opinion on the web, and even most "pro" sites sell the cream, so they have an interest in it. My opinion is that nothing is too good to be true, and I am sceptical. That isn't to say that this cream can't help - it may be fabulous - but I would recommend getting blood hormone levels checked first to see whether you need extra progesterone. I do take exception to the word "natural"; a type of wild yam is taken and one of its componants is chemically synthesised in a lab to become molecularly identical to the progesterone found in the human body. To me, that isn't "natural". But, make up your own mind; these links are pro, con and neutral.